Black and white photographs.

HD Video with stereo sound.

34 min

A staging of my funeral. The photographs are inspired by postmortem photography, a genre of pictures which was frequent in the Swedish family albums during the late 1900 century.

The burial in the video pictures the coffin with the body inside being put down in the ground. Soon after beeing covered with soil, the coffin opens and the dead start undress and unearth the coffin before burrying the naked body in the soil without clothes or coffin.

The title 22-11= 11 is the mathematical equation of my age. From now on (22) a close relatives absence will outnumber the years spent together.

Additional performers in video

Carl Lindblad
Max Billgren
Jakob Stenhart

Sound equalization

Jakob Stenhart

22-11=11, photo print.

Video excerpt, 22-11=11

Videostills, 22-11=11