Ett annat landskap

Från ett annat jävla landskap/

From another fucking landscape

9-channel video installation with sound


Upon entering the exhibition the visitor is led through a corridor towards a lighten staircase. In the following room the visitor meets their own image filmed by a surveillance camera with a 30 second delay. Using the hidden surveillance camera I want the visitor to become aware of it's own presence.

Walls and surfaces on the two floors are covered with looped projections showing someone trying to jump over a fence, a spider continuously walking back to it's nest, bubbling water, a wing of an air-plane going in and out of clouds, crabs in a water tank

           , and an animation of dots traveling through a tunnel.

Installation view: Från ett annat jävla landskap, Galleri Mejan, Stockholm, 2017

Photo 2,3,5: Jean-Baptiste Béranger