Reflections / Kaleidoskope




Kaleidoscopes made out of mirror glass and cut-outs from dia-slides and fabric.


Reflections/Kaleidoscope consist of various handmade Kaleidoscopes made with cutouts from dia-slides and textiles from clothing items. With analog and digital cameras, I photograph and film into the kaleidoscope to depict the various formations and patterns that the cutouts and materials form. The motifs are from fragments and materials originally belonging to environments where I grew up. In the Kaleidoscope’s mirror-body, the pieces are thrown around and visualizes alternatives to the structures and constellations that the fragments originated from, environments that appeared in the images before they were cut apart.


In one of the kaleidoscopes, which rotates with the help of a motor, the constellations are constantly changing, which is shown directly through a video projection connected to the mini-video camera in the opening of the kaleidoscope. In the live video, the clippings are visualized as they come together and fall apart, as a group of organisms or particles in constant flux.

Installation view: Tunnel to metro station Östermalmstorg, Stockohlm. Curated by Bestbeforecollective. March 1-29th, 2023

Kaleidoscope made from roof sheet, mirror glass, glass, glue and dia slides.

51 x 51 x 4,5 cm.

Analogue photographs, 35 mm film.

Balaclavastranden 1967

(The Balaclava Beach 1967)

Lila picnick

(Purple Picnic)

Doktor Murr

(Doctor Murr)

Slaget på balkongen
(The battle on the Balcony)


(Morning Time)

I din första kyss

(In your first kiss)

Skingrad julfest i rosa
(Scattered Pink Christmas Party)

Vi satt på stenarna

(We sat on the rocks)

Dans med Nisse

(Dance with Nisse)

Stenhuggarens Symbios

(Symbiosis of the Stonemason)

Så som myror
(Such as antz)

Ägg och Bacon

(Egg and Bacon)