Dia I / Tylösand

Dia II / Excursion

Dia III / Ibiza Airport


UHD Video

Video fragmentations made from diapositives.

Variable durations

My grandfather left behind moving boxes with diapositives. I study his photographs and envision how bodies and environments dissolve and displace, leaving the picture frame. The title refers to Dia from Greek; through, between, apart, over. I can see my relatives in there, while their actual essence is beyond my sight. They rest between two layers; the captured analogue image and the digital video collage, while the projector's light evoke memories and belongings left behind.

Original photos taken by

Torsten Johansson

Dia I / Tylösand, Norra Stavsudda, 2020

Dia II / Excursion, Norra Stavsudda, 2020

Dia III / Ibiza Airport, Norra Stavsudda, 2020