Dia I / Tylösand

Dia II / Excursion

Dia III / Ibiza Airport


UHD Video made from diapositives.

Variable duration

My grandfather left behind moving boxes with diapositives. Studying his photographs evoked visions of bodies and environments beeing dissolved and displaced, leaving the picture frame.

The title refers to Dia from Greek; through, between, apart, over. While family members are seen in the dia positives, their actual essence stay beyond my sight. Their beeings rest between two layers; the captured analogue image and the digital video collage, while the projector's light evoke memories and belongings left behind.

Dia I / Tylösand, view from installation

Dia I / Tylösand, Värmdo, 2020

Dia II / Excursion, Värmdö, 2020

Dia III / Ibiza Airport, Värmdö, 2020

Original photos taken by

Torsten Johansson