In daylight we disunite

In daylight we disunite


Video collages made from photographs projected onto 

papier-maché sculptures in bedroom.

The installation describes the separation between an inner world with memories, dreams, scenarios, desires and the outer; visible, material world that surrounds me.

When the eye does not receive an actual shape, the brain creates own images from the monochrome of the eyelid; we are allowed a mental movement. The moment that daylight seeps in the world behind the eyelids is interrupted and the dream stops. The emotional life and the body's actual presence is forced to meet and confront the deviating realities of the now awakened dreamer.

Daylight makes the mapped video projection, made from family archive and personal photos, faded. In the dark my reminiscences of close and loved ones linger on.

In daylight we disunite, at home, Stockholm, 2021