Ficus Elastica

Ficus Elastica


2 channal video installation with rubber tree, HDV camera on tripod, arm chair, carpet, frame, curtains, stereo sound and surround sound.

13 min sound loop

The exhibition revolves around the rubber tree that I took over after my grandmother. From the tree, a voice tells fragments from memories of a summer that I spent with grandma and grandpa as a child.

A newly recorded video of the ficus is projected onto the ficus.

A HDV camera that were used when they were still alive records the tree. The recording is displayed live inside a picture frame.

The camcorder re-produce light from the rubber-tree projection and regulates the light in the room through the second projector connected to the camcorder. The projection in the picture frame so holds the effect of a window with varying light input.

Meanwhile, a cinematic soundsphere takes us back to events of that summer.


Esteri Moutka

Surround and sound mix

Manne Kjellander

Installation view: Ficus Elastica, CANDYLAND, Stockholm, 2020

Video documentation: Ficus Elastica, CANDYLAND, Stockholm, 2020