Ficus Elastica

Ficus Elastica


2 channal video installation with rubber tree, HDV camera on tripod, arm chair, carpet, picture frame, curtains, stereo sound and surround sound.

The installation takes off from the rubber tree that was passed over to the artist from their grandmother. Throughout a 13 minutes long sound sphere the Ficus Elastica becomes the carrier of memories and experiences from a summer the artist spent with their grandparents in Halland in 1998.

Live-recordnings from the handy cam is projected inside a picture-frame. It

co-respond with movements and lights in the room and create an interactive cinematic atmosphere.

Video documentation: Ficus Elastica, CANDYLAND, Stockholm, 2020

Photo: Andreas Ribbung

Installation view: Ficus Elastica, CANDYLAND, Stockholm, 2020


Esteri Moutka

Surround and sound mix

Manne Kjellander